20 Jun

What Is Frape?

If you are one of the people that don’t yet know what a frape is, You are going to be educated!. In short the term ‘frape’ comes from the combination of the words ‘Facebook’ and ‘Rape’.

Frape – The Meaning

For those of you that don’t yet know what a frape is, You are going to be educated!.  Put simply the term ‘frape’ originates from the combination of the words ‘Facebook’ and ‘Rape’.

Fraping as it’s called is the act of raping someones Facebook profile when they leave it logged in!  Frapes happen in all kinds of crazy ways, they include subtle believable status changes such as ‘I’ve just stacked my car again, driving would be wouldnt be so hard if i was a man!’

To the more adventurous where profile pictures being changed, sexuality and interests are commonly modified to very embarrassing remarks, to a load of other range of changes!

Being fraped can be a cruel experience if done subtly, but the most amusing frapes are where the account has quite obviosuly been taken over by a sneaky mate and plastered rude and outrageous remarks on your page!

Here Are Some Examples Of A Frape!

Here are just a few simple frapes which are quite amusing, but obviously when the profile pictures get modified along with everything else, the bigger the frape the more funny for all!

  • One of my friends was fraped; his brother created a Facebook group saying “I’ve lost my phone! I still have everybody else’s number, but mine is new and it’s 07xxxxxx ” – so everybody changed the number in their phone books and it took him a week before he found out.
  • I Changed his profile picture to a half naked guy with facial hair just like his who was holding grapes.
  • Before the match on a hardened Man UTD supporters Facebook I saw: “Ok, I’ve been converted. COME ON LIVERPOOL”
  • I hope this mini article has been informative for you.

Image of a funny Frape


Video Of a Great Frape!

If you would like to learn more about what Frape means and see some funny frapes for yourself. Then go to Frape and view the pics where we will show lots of funny ones off!